Saturday, November 28, 2009

State-Wide, National, and International Actions

Updates and media COMING SOON! 

Nov. 18-23 Actions in Protest of Fee Hikes, Budget Cuts and Police Brutality

SF State: class walkouts, Administration Building Occupation

CS Long Beach: Protests Outside where Board of Trustees was meeting.
Cal Poly Pomona 19th: 800 Students Walkout, Rally

CS San Bernadino: 18th, walkout and action

CS Fresno: Library Takeover, 100 Students Keep it Open for 24 Hours

UC Davis: Administration Building Occupation / Sit-in

UC Santa Cruz Campus Shut Down, intersections Blocked

   * Kerr Hall, Aministrative Building Occupied
   * Kresge Town Hall Occupied

UC Berkeley, Massive Protests, Students go on Strike, UPTE strike,
Wheeler Hall Occupied for 12 hours

Solidarity Protest for Victims of Police Bruality @ UC in New York and Vienna

150 Students Occupy UC Headquarters in Oakland
    Went to courthouse, charges dropped to misdemeanor.

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