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I have just posted entries on: 1) why faculty should resist Yudof's narrative; 2) on how we are paying a steep price to subsidize athletics; 3) the gender inequality in UC pay, and 4) the UC compensation scandal at:
Bob Samuels, President UC-AFT

CSU Grad/UG Students convened two meetings, with 40 students at each meeting, to plan a march and rally at the Governor's office on 12/2 from 11:00 - 1:00 pm. Over 50 social work graduate and undergraduate students have committed to this event and each is taking responsibility for bringing students, parents or community supporters to the rally. Graduate students, who are in field internships, on this date are helping with pre-event work. Students have established a goal of turning out at least 200 students for the march. They have established 4 sub-committees, headed by students: outreach, publicity, program, and logistics. They have created an email address and facebook page for the event:
We had a meeting with CSULA ASI leadership yesterday, and they have signed on as co-sponsors of the event.
Our major purpose for this event is to influence the state's 2010-2011 budget process to prevent further cuts the public higher education system in California. Students want to describe the campus and classroom effects of budget cuts and to show the legislature that they will no longer continue to remain sitting down, while higher education budgets continue to be slashed. Just as the Governor used his power to bring the legislature together to pass crucial water legislation, we want to ask the Governor and the legislature to address the higher education crisis to ensure future access for all Californians.
We are extending an invitation to the regional campuses to join in this effort. Students from DH, Northridge, Pomona and Long Beach have easy access to the activity via public transportation. The CSULA students have identified bus/rail routes, schedules and parking information, which will be posted on the Face Book page. They have copied a very large number of flyers to post on campuses, and they have initiated outreach efforts to the LACC and LATTC. We need you to forward the attached flyer on your campus for distribution to your networks. We invite you to send (at least) 5-10 students from your campus to represent the consequences of the cuts on your campus. We ask that each campus to send a student speaker, who can discuss how cuts are affecting instruction on their campus. We plan to send a contingent of students to the governor's office to deliver copies of the testimonials, DVDS and other materials developed to illustrate the issues.

The World Arts and Cultures department is interested in the what now aspect of this crisis. We're going to have a meeting on Tuesday December 1st from 5-6 PM. Could someone from the coalition possibly come to a meeting in Kaufman on Tuesday from 5-6?

For more information contact

Contact: District Attorney
Date: November 27, 2009
(530) 681-7232

DA Will Monitor Future Demonstrations
(Woodland, CA) – November 27, 2009 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that no criminal charges will be filed against 51 individuals who were arrested by police for trespassing inside an administration building at UC Davis on November 19, 2009. The 51 individuals, mostly students, had gathered inside the administration building to protest recent fee hikes. They were arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave for several hours after normal closing time. University officials reported no property damage as a result of the protest, nor was there any report of violence or resistance among the 51 students arrested by police inside the building. District Attorney Jeff Reisig said, “Based on my discussions with Chancellor Katehi and Police Chief Spicuzza, the District Attorney’s Office will not be filing criminal charges at this time. While criminal charges may be filed for up to one year after the date of the alleged violation, it is our hope that future student demonstrations will comply with the law and eliminate any need for the District Attorney’s involvement at all.” One additional case involving an individual who allegedly assaulted a police officer outside the administration building on November 19 is still being reviewed.
For more information contact the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office at (530) 681-7232.
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