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I have just posted entries on: 1) why faculty should resist Yudof's narrative; 2) on how we are paying a steep price to subsidize athletics; 3) the gender inequality in UC pay, and 4) the UC compensation scandal at:
Bob Samuels, President UC-AFT

CSU Grad/UG Students convened two meetings, with 40 students at each meeting, to plan a march and rally at the Governor's office on 12/2 from 11:00 - 1:00 pm. Over 50 social work graduate and undergraduate students have committed to this event and each is taking responsibility for bringing students, parents or community supporters to the rally. Graduate students, who are in field internships, on this date are helping with pre-event work. Students have established a goal of turning out at least 200 students for the march. They have established 4 sub-committees, headed by students: outreach, publicity, program, and logistics. They have created an email address and facebook page for the event:
We had a meeting with CSULA ASI leadership yesterday, and they have signed on as co-sponsors of the event.
Our major purpose for this event is to influence the state's 2010-2011 budget process to prevent further cuts the public higher education system in California. Students want to describe the campus and classroom effects of budget cuts and to show the legislature that they will no longer continue to remain sitting down, while higher education budgets continue to be slashed. Just as the Governor used his power to bring the legislature together to pass crucial water legislation, we want to ask the Governor and the legislature to address the higher education crisis to ensure future access for all Californians.
We are extending an invitation to the regional campuses to join in this effort. Students from DH, Northridge, Pomona and Long Beach have easy access to the activity via public transportation. The CSULA students have identified bus/rail routes, schedules and parking information, which will be posted on the Face Book page. They have copied a very large number of flyers to post on campuses, and they have initiated outreach efforts to the LACC and LATTC. We need you to forward the attached flyer on your campus for distribution to your networks. We invite you to send (at least) 5-10 students from your campus to represent the consequences of the cuts on your campus. We ask that each campus to send a student speaker, who can discuss how cuts are affecting instruction on their campus. We plan to send a contingent of students to the governor's office to deliver copies of the testimonials, DVDS and other materials developed to illustrate the issues.

The World Arts and Cultures department is interested in the what now aspect of this crisis. We're going to have a meeting on Tuesday December 1st from 5-6 PM. Could someone from the coalition possibly come to a meeting in Kaufman on Tuesday from 5-6?

For more information contact

Contact: District Attorney
Date: November 27, 2009
(530) 681-7232

DA Will Monitor Future Demonstrations
(Woodland, CA) – November 27, 2009 – Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig announced that no criminal charges will be filed against 51 individuals who were arrested by police for trespassing inside an administration building at UC Davis on November 19, 2009. The 51 individuals, mostly students, had gathered inside the administration building to protest recent fee hikes. They were arrested for trespassing after refusing to leave for several hours after normal closing time. University officials reported no property damage as a result of the protest, nor was there any report of violence or resistance among the 51 students arrested by police inside the building. District Attorney Jeff Reisig said, “Based on my discussions with Chancellor Katehi and Police Chief Spicuzza, the District Attorney’s Office will not be filing criminal charges at this time. While criminal charges may be filed for up to one year after the date of the alleged violation, it is our hope that future student demonstrations will comply with the law and eliminate any need for the District Attorney’s involvement at all.” One additional case involving an individual who allegedly assaulted a police officer outside the administration building on November 19 is still being reviewed.
For more information contact the Yolo County District Attorney’s Office at (530) 681-7232.
Follow us on:

State-Wide, National, and International Actions

Updates and media COMING SOON! 

Nov. 18-23 Actions in Protest of Fee Hikes, Budget Cuts and Police Brutality

SF State: class walkouts, Administration Building Occupation

CS Long Beach: Protests Outside where Board of Trustees was meeting.
Cal Poly Pomona 19th: 800 Students Walkout, Rally

CS San Bernadino: 18th, walkout and action

CS Fresno: Library Takeover, 100 Students Keep it Open for 24 Hours

UC Davis: Administration Building Occupation / Sit-in

UC Santa Cruz Campus Shut Down, intersections Blocked

   * Kerr Hall, Aministrative Building Occupied
   * Kresge Town Hall Occupied

UC Berkeley, Massive Protests, Students go on Strike, UPTE strike,
Wheeler Hall Occupied for 12 hours

Solidarity Protest for Victims of Police Bruality @ UC in New York and Vienna

150 Students Occupy UC Headquarters in Oakland
    Went to courthouse, charges dropped to misdemeanor.

Friday, November 20, 2009

UC Regents Protest Timeline

See Movement Photos!

November 18th 2009

6am-UCLA Fights Back organizers arrive as AFSCME office to set-up picket.

7am-Student leaders and unions meet to concertize plan.

7:30am-Picket. Public comment line forms.

8am-Public comment speakers and 75 speakers, white-liners, and Regents are let into Regents’ meeting room.

8-10am-Students speak at public comment about affordability, access, and diversity. Students’ speak about issues of underrepresented minority students, undocumented students, and low-income students. Workers speak in solidarity with students and on workers’ rights and contracts. Coalition disrupts meeting several time. Teresa and Alejandra are thrown out by Berky Nelson and several cops at the request of Regents. Updates are given outside.

10am-(Inside Covel) After police clear the room, 6 students (from Student Worker Front) and 2 organizers (from AFSCME 3299) stay in the room and sing "we shall overcome"; they are arrested and go peacefully.

10:30am-Students outside see opportunity to occupy but are prevented by self-appointed student police. "Student police" assists police in holding protesters back from entering building.

11am - Regents quickly move to finance committee discussion after re-convening, they illegally begin discussions without letting public in; after negotiations with the police, 60 students are let back into Regents' meeting.

11:30am - 5 students (from Student Worker Front) stand up inside Covel, during the regents' meeting, and disrupt their discussion of the fee hikes by singing "we shall overcome". 50 students in public area raise their fists silently, in solidarity with the students who are singing. the singing students are escorted out by the police and arrested peacefully.

11:30am-Skirmishes begin with the police outside of Covel Commons where the Regents are holding their meeting. One student has been tasered and kicked back by cops. One student in the rush has injured his leg and National Lawyers Guild is on the scene to help. Police target black men due to racism.

11:40am-Students protest. Inside Regents’ Meeting several students are arrested and released. Swat team and police give students 10 minutes to evacuate, at least 10 arrests.

11:40am - 12:30pm-Police demand protesters disperse for no valid legal reason. Students maintain their ground. Police aim and threaten with riot gear and semi-lethal weapons. After a 30+ minute stand off police move crowd away from front entrance of Covel.

12:55-1:10pm-Reports that at least 3 members of UCLA's Afrikan Student Union have been tasered by police, more beaten with batons.

2-4pm-Teach-outs held at Covel Commons. Bob Samuels’ class and Chicana Feminism class.

5:00pm-Crisis Fest and Tent city set-up begins.

6:00pm-About 75-100 people at Crisis Fest/Tent City. Hip hop fills the campus as we wait for buses from Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, San Diego, Santa Cruz, and more.

7-9pm Bands, live performances at Crisis Fest. Unions and USAC provide free dinners and warm drinks to students and workers setting up tents.

9: 00pm-Buses from Berkeley come in, wild dancing begins.

10:00pm-University shuts down sound at Crisis Fest, students form a general assembly to talk about the effects of racism, the wars abroad, capitalism and the future of the student movement.

10:30pm-People invited on stage to share their own ideas and opinions about the student movement. Rousing speeches.

11:45pm Bus from San Diego arrives.

November 19, 2009

12:30am: Students occupy Campbell Hall and rename it Carter-Huggins, after two Black Panthers shot at UCLA in 1969.

2am: Campbell Hall still occupied.

5am-Unions and students awake for live media feed from Tent City.

5:10am-Organizers wake-up Tent City with KTLA media coverage. 200 march to Covel.

6 am-Picket begins at Covel. Organizers see an opening for occupation. Crowd takes side entrance; they are met by police at a secondary door. They chant, share spoken word, are energized and retreat to return to picket.

7am-Students issue communique:

10am-"Student police" consistently do job of police. They form a barricade; students hesitate and are more vulnerable to police brutality. Organizers urge "student police" to back-off in the interest of the movement. "Student police" refuse claiming that they are protecting AB540 students. Reports from AB540 students confirm that they were able to decide for themselves which actions to participate in given vulnerable legal status.

10:30am -Students take opportunity to include campus in protest. Students leave Regents meeting protest for campus-wide march. 150 students begin class disruptions and calls for solidarity. Many students walkout of class to join march. Students rush through Powell, Haines, Royce and other buildings screaming "walkout."

10:45am-Die-In mourning death of public education.  Student quickly rise and continue protesting.

11am- 500 students march from Covel to Campbell hall to support the occupation.

11am-Student march has taken over intersection of Westwood and Le Conte. About 700 and growing.

11:05am-Second group of marchers join march at Westwood and Le Conte. Happy re-union. Students then move on to take Wilshire and Westwood one of LA’s busiest intersections.

12:30pm-Students arrive in Westwood, blocking of Wilshire, marching down Wilshire to Veteran and back to Covel.

1pm-Return to Covel, several speakers address issues of racism and privatization. Approximately three speakers express support for the occupation.

1pm-Vote for 32% tuition hikes confirmed. The UC Board of Regents voted, as threatened, for a two-year phased 32% increase in student fees despite system-wide protests yesterday and throughout the quarter. In response, thousands of students, faculty and workers have blocked the exits to the meeting space. The regents are locked-in.

2:20pm-Students and workers surround exits and vehicles escorting Regents out. Students chase all Regents’ and chant ‘Shame On You’, etc. Police presence is stepped up. Pepper spray, tear gas, tasers, batons, and excessive force is used on a small number of students in several locations. One van is blocked from exiting in front of Sproul containing 2 Regents and Ward Connerly. Police eventually escort all Regents off campus, many are forced to leave cars in parking lot.

2:30pm-Chicana Feminism class is held outside, on the steps of Campbell Hall, explaining the history of the Black Panthers assassinated there and some reasons behind the occupation

6pm-Last stand off between police and protestors ends in a dance-in. Students serve the cops with b-boy moves, poplockin’, Afro-Brazilian, and swing dancing. Students beat drums and chant to the beat, ‘Who are you serving and protecting?’ Cops realize they are losers and leave.

6:30-7pm-Small group head to Campbell to support occupation. Students are invited in and discussion takes place. A small group of students come in, are let in, and start chastising occupiers and allies.  They start screaming, attempting to break locks, and rip down Carter-Huggins banner.  They claim to represent underrepresented minority students, although occupiers and allies are majority students of color, and eventually push for occupation to end.  Students do not want to end occupation, many leave disappointed. Students (excluding "meeting hijackers" who left after "hostile intervention") agree to continue discussion and move forward together.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Agenda for Today's Meeting

Monday, November 16, 2009 @ 6PM – UCLA FIGHTS BACK COALITION MEETING
Public Affairs Building, 3rd Floor Student Lounge
Proposed Agenda

I. 5 Minutes – Introductions (name, affiliation, & identify one demand you feel is central to this movement)

II. 60 Minutes – Reports and Planning

a) Report from Regents Planning Meeting—Teresa Avendano
b) Volunteer Sign-Up—Alejandra Cruz
c) Report from USAC External Vice President’s Office—Susan Li
d) National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers—Lincoln Ellis
e) Public Forum and Crisis Fest—Hugo Sarmiento and Eric Gardner
f) Report from USAS DC Conference—Kenia Acevedo
g) Report from Students of Color Conference—Sonja Diaz

h) Action Plan for Public Comment/Regents’ Voting—15 Minutes for Discussion

i) UCLA Student Outreach–ALL
j) Outreach to LA Community–ALL

UCLA Fights Back Movement Program
1. Lower Student Fees.

2. Stop the Privatization of Our Public Schools.

3. Defend the Right to Quality Higher Education. Prioritize funding to public education.
a) Provide budget transparency, provide transparency in the decision making process, allow for an independent audit of the UC budget, and implement progressive budget solutions.
b) Maintain our resources, including weekend library access.
c) Maintain comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.
d) Stop cuts to Humanities and Social Sciences.
e) Cut funding for war. No military recruitment on our campuses.
f) Tax the rich and prioritize funding in the public interest.

4. Stop the Resegregation of Public Education. Ensure access and diversity in higher education.
a) Increase underrepresented minority student enrollment.
b) Provide full scholarships for AB540 Students.
c) No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.
d) Expand the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program to ensure access for low-income students.
e) Allocate funds for recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority students.

5. Respect Workers’ Rights and Contracts
a) Reverse the layoffs, protect vital services, and stop pay cuts for the lowest paid workers.
b) Stop the union busting and bargain in good faith.
c) No furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.
d) No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses


Schedule of Events and Volunteer Opportunities

UCLA FIGHTS BACK Schedule of Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Tuesday, November 17th

• ALL DAY/8:30AM-Evening—Flyering, announcements, and sign making. Find us on Bruin Walk!
• 2pm Press Conference—Pat Morrison @ Covel Commons

Wednesday, November 18th @ Covel Commons (unless otherwise stated)
  • 6AM Set-up pickets, Volunteers needed meet at AFSCME Office 1085 Gayley (btw El Pollo Loco and the Psychic)  
  • 630-730am – Picket Prep and Picket Lines 
  • 8-10am – Public Comment
  • 10-1130am — Picket and Flyer
  • 10:30am – Food Food Volunteers Needed at 10AM
  • 1130-12noon—Meet at Bruin Plaza and march to Covel Commons
  • 12-1pm—Press Conference/Rally
  • 2-4pm—Teach-Out
  • 1-4pm—Picket and Flyer
  • 4-5pm—Tent City Prep Tent Prep Volunteers Needed at 4PM
  • 5pm-Midnight Tent City and Crisis Fest
2 buses Berkeley
 1 bus Santa Cruz
 1 bus Santa Barbara
 1 bus Riverside
 1 bus Irvine
 3 buses San Diego

Thursday, November 19th @ Covel Commons (unless otherwise stated)
  • 6am Set-up pickets, Volunteers needed meet at AFSCME Office 1085 Gayley Ave, (btw El Pollo Loco and the Psychic)
  • 6:30-7:30am Picket Prep and Picket Lines
  • 8-10am—Public Comment
  • 10:30am – Food Food Volunteers Needed at 10AM
  • 10-11am—Regents Trial – Political Theater Volunteers Needed, Actors and Script Writers
  • 12-1:30pm—Rally at Covel (to march (through Bruin Plaza) – TBD on-site)
  • 3pm—All buses scheduled to leave

Sunday, November 15, 2009



Join us MONDAY, November 16th, 2009 @ 6PM
Public Affairs Building, 3rd Floor Student Lounge

  • Students report back from the Students of Color Conference at UCSD and much more!
  • Find out how to help with outreach and sign-up as volunteer staff for the 18th and 19th.  There will be fliers for pick-up.
  • Hear the latest about who is coming to UCLA and what actions are planned.
  • If you have a student org meeting that conflicts, bring your group or send a representative.
  • This is an open meeting so invite your friends!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


UCLA Kaufman Hall
Saturday Nov 14 9am-4pm (possibly later)
Sunday Nov 15 12pm-6pm (possibly later)

Bring your paint, markers, chalk, cardboard, banners, paper, canvases, boxes, old sheets, old shirts, tape, glue, and other supplies, and other random junk to help create signs, posters, art, and installations for the upcoming UC STRIKE!  Most importantly though, just bring YOURSELF...and some friends.  We will have snacks and perhaps some cheap wine to help get us into the festive and revolutionary spirit.

We need to make this Strike & Protest VISIBLE.  We need to make sure that no surface of campus goes untouched.  We need to make sure that no student will be able to say he or she didn't know what was going on.  We need to make some beauty, some horror, and some fun.  And most importantly...we need to have fun doing it. So let's make it happen!

for more info email

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monday Meeting - One Week To Go!

Hello UCLA Fights Back!
Please note that we are discussing a proposal to adopt a short list of concrete, winnable demands that capture the principles of our movement program. (See below.)  We are still in need of more information concerning (1) the specific program cuts at UCLA that we should call on Block and Regents to reverse and (2) the specifics concerning worker and instructor lay-offs that we should include in our list of demands.  Please bring any knowledge and information you have to Monday's meeting!  ALSO, we will have plenty of copies of the flier for pick-up!
See you there!

6PM in Public Affairs Building, 3rd Floor Student Lounge
Proposed Agenda
I.            5 Minutes – Introductions (Name, Affiliation, Short phrase, 5 words or less, describing what you are fighting for.)

II.            20 Minutes – Reports
a)      Report from Regents Planning Meeting—Teresa Avendano
b)      Report from Saturday regional coordinating meeting [organized by UCB coordinating committee]—Alejandra Cruz
c)      Report from National Lawyers Guild legal observer training for Regents’ Meeting Nov. 19th—Lincoln Ellis, training will take place 12:30 PM on Friday, Nov. 13th, Law School Rm 1447
d)      Report from Student of Color Conference Organizers—Sonja Diaz

III.            15 Minutes – Reports from Organizing Committees
a)      Coalition Public Forum on Budget Cuts and Movement Goals—Bob Samuels and Hugo Sarmiento [See]
b)      UCLA Student Outreach – Susan Li, Jeremy Schmidt, et. al
                                                        i.            Dia de los Muertos – Death of Public Education
                                                      ii.            Class announcement and club meetings
c)      Outreach to Community Colleges and CSUs – Kenia Acevedo and Jessica Herman
d)      LAUSD and Community Outreach Committee – Alejandra Cruz and Mzilikazi Kone

IV.            15 Minutes – Formulate Concrete and Winnable Demands for Regents’ Meeting
A. Proposal
1.  We call on the UC Regents to reverse the fee hikes. 

2. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to provide a scholarship fund for AB540 students. (Each year 25,000 undocumented students graduate from California high schools.  Undocumented immigrant students currently receive no financial aid and are the group most likely to be barred from attending UCLA or will drop-out of classes due to recent fee increases.  We must stand united on the principle that we will not allow the budget cuts to bar access to higher education for any student based on race, citizenship, or socio-economic status.)

3. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to reverse the lay-offs (narrow this to a specific and winnable demand.  Info needed: who was laid-off, consequences, etc.) and we call for no furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.

4. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to reinstate Powell Library weekend hours.
5-6. (1-2 points on specific programs being cut that we can ask to be reinstated immediately as they relate directly to maintaining comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.  Info needed: which programs were cut, consequences, why list some program cuts and not others, etc.)

B. The demands will be made into a petition accompanied by short paragraph that explains why these demands are important and winnable that will be circulated and forwarded to Chancellor Block and UC Regents.

UCLA Fights Back Movement Program
1.      Lower Student Fees.
2.      Stop the Privatization of Our Public Schools.       
3.      Defend the Right to Quality Higher Education.  Prioritize funding to public education.
a.      Provide budget transparency, provide transparency in the decision making process, allow for an independent audit of the UC budget, and implement progressive budget solutions. [Proposal to add a point about making Regents democratically accountable. (ex. Regents/Governor if especially hostile to movement should resign/leave our campus.)  Point was made that asking Regents to resign and/or leave our campus should be made on the day of action by the larger crowd and shouldn’t be included in the coalition program.]
b.      Maintain our resources, including night and weekend library access for students. [We won Night Powell back for students!]
c.       Maintain comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.
d.      Stop cuts to Humanities [include other programs and departments being cut].
e.      [We can add a point or more referring to additional cuts being made to essential programs at UCLA and other UCs.]
f.        Tax the rich and prioritize funding in the public interest. [Proposal that we should be more specific when we say ‘tax the rich’.  Why are we asking Regents to do?]
g.      Cut funding for war.  No military recruitment on our campuses.
4.      Stop the Resegregation of Public Education.  Ensure access and diversity in higher education.
a.      Increase underrepresented minority student enrollment.
b.      Provide full scholarships for AB540 Students.
c.       No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.
d.      Expand the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program to ensure access for low-income students.
e.      Allocate funds for recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority students.
5.      Respect Workers’ Rights and Contracts
a.      Reverse the layoffs, protect vital services, and stop pay cuts for the lowest paid workers.
b.      Stop the union busting and bargain in good faith.
c.       No furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.          
d.      No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.

Get on the Bus!

Link to reserve space on buses down to UCLA to protest the 32% fee increase:

(Created by UCB CalSERVE Student Leaders.)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Send this letter to UCLA Chancellor Block

Dear UCLA Community Members,

The UC Regents are meeting at UCLA November 17-19th, to vote on YET ANOTHER FEE HIKE FOR WINTER QUARTER and other measures of grave concern. If you are concerned about these hikes, faculty and staff furloughs and layoffs, and cutting of core academic services—which will undermine quality and equity in our public universities—please send a letter to Chancellor Gene Block expressing your disappointment.  Concerned students have asked Chancellor Block to participate in a student-led Town Hall meeting sometime prior to the November Regents Meeting, in the hope that he will hear and consider our concerns before final decisions are made at the November meeting.  But the Chancellor says he is “too busy” to meet until after the UC Regents meeting—which would defeat the entire purpose of the Town Hall and leave student voices unheard at the budget meeting.  Now is the time to put pressure on the Chancellor to truly consider the concerns of all those affected by the proposed decisions! Please consider sending the following letter to Chancellor Block as soon as possible.  Feel free to tweak or edit the letter as you like and please pass along to others.

Thanks so much,

UCLA Fights Back organizers

TO: Chancellor Gene Block


RE: Student Fee Hikes and Privatization of our Public Universities

DATE: October 28, 2009

Chancellor Block:

Like many UCLA students, faculty, and staff, I am very concerned about the current budget decisions being considered by the Regents.  I am equally disappointed to hear that you have not been more attentive to the concerns of students like me. Student organizers have very reasonably requested that you attend a student-driven Town Hall meeting prior to the meeting of the Regents at UCLA on November 17-19, 2009.  It is essential that this meeting occur before the Regents meeting if student concerns are to be considered in any real way when critical decisions are made that affect them in extreme ways.

[See Daily Bruin article from Oct. 7, 2009, "Undergraduates, graduates, union representatives meet with Chancellor Gene Block about financial crisis. Chancellor agrees ‘conditionally’ to town hall forum, but dates still to be confirmed."]

I sympathize with the very busy schedule you must keep; however, it would seem that in the face of such extreme threats to the very foundation of what has always been a high quality and accessible public university system in California (indeed, the best in the Nation!)—in the face of the high toll students, faculty, and workers would pay as a result of these decisions—I would think that hearing and addressing the concerns of those you represent would be your highest priority.

Inviting over 33,000 students, not to mention staff and faculty, to sign up lottery-style for one of six slots during one office hour will not suffice given the growing awareness and deeply felt concern of the entire campus community in the face of devastating budget cuts.  We will not be satisfied with a response that there are "official" avenues of communication that you must privilege.  Our request is simple—we want a public forum.

Further, while it may be reasonable under normal circumstances for you to have a meeting proposal deadline for those who request meetings with you, it seems highly unreasonable of you to hold to this rule, given that students have had only so much time to react to the proposed fee hikes.  This request was made of you when there were still several weeks until the Regent's Meeting, and there are still 2 weeks to go now.  It is hard for me to believe that you cannot free up an hour or two to address student concerns in an open forum prior to the Regents meeting—if that were what you wanted to do. The fact that instead you have given these excuses about timelines and schedules implies that making the Town Hall as useful as possible to students is not a high priority for you.

As a stakeholder in the UCLA community, I am writing to hold you accountable to the community you are entrusted to lead, and I ask you to reconsider this decision and meet with students prior to the Regents meeting.  Our education, our state, and indeed our democracy are at stake.  Please do the right thing.


[your name]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Press Conference on Student Aid and Educational Quality

Press Conference Thursday, November 5, 2009 
12 noon Meyerhoff Park  
Come out to the culminating event of the External Vice President’s Office’s Week of Action: Education Makes Cents. The press conference will be held tomorrow, Thursday, November 5 @ 12 noon in Meyerhoff Park (grassy area in front of Kerckhoff). 
Learn more about Saving Cal Grants, increasing Pell Grants through SAFRA and why student aid is so important to the quality of your education. 
Do you receive Cal Grants or Pell Grants? Interested in sharing your own testimonial? Email for a chance to share your own story at tomorrow’s press conference.  
Questions? Interested in getting more involved? Want more information about the EVP Office?

UCLA Fights Back Flier on State-Wide Days of Action

NOVEMBER 18th & 19TH 2009 AT UCLA

two days of action to coincide with uc regents meeting


Wednesday, November 18th

8AM-10AM: Public Comment Covel Commons-Regents Meeting Room
UCLA students, parents, alumni, and LAUSD students speak-out about the impact of budget cuts on their education.

12 NOON: Press Conference and Rally to Defend Public Education, Covel Commons

7AM to 2PM: Work Action and Picket, Covel Commons
Students, staff, and faculty picket to demand that the UC respect workers’ rights and contracts.

Buses arrive throughout the evening.
Dinner, music, and tent city for travelers.

Thursday, November 19th

8 AM-10AM: Public Comment, Covel Commons-Regents Meeting Room
Students, staff, and faculty voice movement goals and demands to defend public education.


10 AM to 2PM: Plans are currently in the works for a rally, speak-out, activist art, political theater, and much more!

7AM to 2PM: Work Action and Picket, Covel Commons
Students, staff, and faculty picket to demand that the UC respect workers’ rights and contracts.

LA Community College Candle Light Vigil Against Budget Cuts on Friday

Contact David Chavez [] for more information.
UCLA Fights Back will be there to support and meet people!

UC Berkeley Coordinating Committee to Hold Meeting in LA Saturday

This Saturday: Coordinating Committee Meetings: Northern California and Southern California

While the Oct. 24th Conference was a great step forward, most of our work lies ahead of us. We need your help to coordinate on a regional and statewide level the struggle to defend public education. So everybody is invited to participate this Saturday (Nov. 7th) in the Coordinating Committee meetings.

This Saturday, Nov. 7th at 1pm the Coordinating Committee will be holding simultaneous regional meeting to a) coordinate the UC and CSU strike and mobilization that will be taking place on Nov. 17th– 20th b) begin preparing for the March 4 Strike and Day of Action and the 2010 Statewide Mobilizing Conference and c) coordinate any other actions relating to the fight to defend public education that folks feel are important.

Time: 1pm

Northern California Location: Mission Campus of City College of San Francisco, 1125 Valencia St. San Francisco, CA 94110 -- Meet at the Cafeteria on campus

Southern California Location: Southern California Library, 6120 S. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90044

Nor-Cal Contact: Jonathan,, (925) 695-6840

So-Cal Contact: Julia,,
(310) 404-6729

The volunteer coordinating committee was formed after the Oct. 24 Conference held at UC Berkeley. To join the Coordinating Committee listserve — — please contact if you would like to be added to the email list.

We encourage other individuals and activists to join the coordinating committee and attend the regional meetings on Nov. 7th. It is open to all!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dia de los Muertos - Death of Public Education

Student Worker Front is keeping the Altar up from NOON to 5PM tomorrow, Wednesday, November 4th!

Check it out in front of Kerckhoff!

Visit the Facebook event page for more information:

UC Regents' State-Wide Call to Action - Poster