Sunday, November 8, 2009

Monday Meeting - One Week To Go!

Hello UCLA Fights Back!
Please note that we are discussing a proposal to adopt a short list of concrete, winnable demands that capture the principles of our movement program. (See below.)  We are still in need of more information concerning (1) the specific program cuts at UCLA that we should call on Block and Regents to reverse and (2) the specifics concerning worker and instructor lay-offs that we should include in our list of demands.  Please bring any knowledge and information you have to Monday's meeting!  ALSO, we will have plenty of copies of the flier for pick-up!
See you there!

6PM in Public Affairs Building, 3rd Floor Student Lounge
Proposed Agenda
I.            5 Minutes – Introductions (Name, Affiliation, Short phrase, 5 words or less, describing what you are fighting for.)

II.            20 Minutes – Reports
a)      Report from Regents Planning Meeting—Teresa Avendano
b)      Report from Saturday regional coordinating meeting [organized by UCB coordinating committee]—Alejandra Cruz
c)      Report from National Lawyers Guild legal observer training for Regents’ Meeting Nov. 19th—Lincoln Ellis, training will take place 12:30 PM on Friday, Nov. 13th, Law School Rm 1447
d)      Report from Student of Color Conference Organizers—Sonja Diaz

III.            15 Minutes – Reports from Organizing Committees
a)      Coalition Public Forum on Budget Cuts and Movement Goals—Bob Samuels and Hugo Sarmiento [See]
b)      UCLA Student Outreach – Susan Li, Jeremy Schmidt, et. al
                                                        i.            Dia de los Muertos – Death of Public Education
                                                      ii.            Class announcement and club meetings
c)      Outreach to Community Colleges and CSUs – Kenia Acevedo and Jessica Herman
d)      LAUSD and Community Outreach Committee – Alejandra Cruz and Mzilikazi Kone

IV.            15 Minutes – Formulate Concrete and Winnable Demands for Regents’ Meeting
A. Proposal
1.  We call on the UC Regents to reverse the fee hikes. 

2. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to provide a scholarship fund for AB540 students. (Each year 25,000 undocumented students graduate from California high schools.  Undocumented immigrant students currently receive no financial aid and are the group most likely to be barred from attending UCLA or will drop-out of classes due to recent fee increases.  We must stand united on the principle that we will not allow the budget cuts to bar access to higher education for any student based on race, citizenship, or socio-economic status.)

3. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to reverse the lay-offs (narrow this to a specific and winnable demand.  Info needed: who was laid-off, consequences, etc.) and we call for no furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.

4. We call on the UC Regents and Chancellor Block to reinstate Powell Library weekend hours.
5-6. (1-2 points on specific programs being cut that we can ask to be reinstated immediately as they relate directly to maintaining comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.  Info needed: which programs were cut, consequences, why list some program cuts and not others, etc.)

B. The demands will be made into a petition accompanied by short paragraph that explains why these demands are important and winnable that will be circulated and forwarded to Chancellor Block and UC Regents.

UCLA Fights Back Movement Program
1.      Lower Student Fees.
2.      Stop the Privatization of Our Public Schools.       
3.      Defend the Right to Quality Higher Education.  Prioritize funding to public education.
a.      Provide budget transparency, provide transparency in the decision making process, allow for an independent audit of the UC budget, and implement progressive budget solutions. [Proposal to add a point about making Regents democratically accountable. (ex. Regents/Governor if especially hostile to movement should resign/leave our campus.)  Point was made that asking Regents to resign and/or leave our campus should be made on the day of action by the larger crowd and shouldn’t be included in the coalition program.]
b.      Maintain our resources, including night and weekend library access for students. [We won Night Powell back for students!]
c.       Maintain comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.
d.      Stop cuts to Humanities [include other programs and departments being cut].
e.      [We can add a point or more referring to additional cuts being made to essential programs at UCLA and other UCs.]
f.        Tax the rich and prioritize funding in the public interest. [Proposal that we should be more specific when we say ‘tax the rich’.  Why are we asking Regents to do?]
g.      Cut funding for war.  No military recruitment on our campuses.
4.      Stop the Resegregation of Public Education.  Ensure access and diversity in higher education.
a.      Increase underrepresented minority student enrollment.
b.      Provide full scholarships for AB540 Students.
c.       No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.
d.      Expand the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program to ensure access for low-income students.
e.      Allocate funds for recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority students.
5.      Respect Workers’ Rights and Contracts
a.      Reverse the layoffs, protect vital services, and stop pay cuts for the lowest paid workers.
b.      Stop the union busting and bargain in good faith.
c.       No furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.          
d.      No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.

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