Monday, November 16, 2009

Agenda for Today's Meeting

Monday, November 16, 2009 @ 6PM – UCLA FIGHTS BACK COALITION MEETING
Public Affairs Building, 3rd Floor Student Lounge
Proposed Agenda

I. 5 Minutes – Introductions (name, affiliation, & identify one demand you feel is central to this movement)

II. 60 Minutes – Reports and Planning

a) Report from Regents Planning Meeting—Teresa Avendano
b) Volunteer Sign-Up—Alejandra Cruz
c) Report from USAC External Vice President’s Office—Susan Li
d) National Lawyers Guild Legal Observers—Lincoln Ellis
e) Public Forum and Crisis Fest—Hugo Sarmiento and Eric Gardner
f) Report from USAS DC Conference—Kenia Acevedo
g) Report from Students of Color Conference—Sonja Diaz

h) Action Plan for Public Comment/Regents’ Voting—15 Minutes for Discussion

i) UCLA Student Outreach–ALL
j) Outreach to LA Community–ALL

UCLA Fights Back Movement Program
1. Lower Student Fees.

2. Stop the Privatization of Our Public Schools.

3. Defend the Right to Quality Higher Education. Prioritize funding to public education.
a) Provide budget transparency, provide transparency in the decision making process, allow for an independent audit of the UC budget, and implement progressive budget solutions.
b) Maintain our resources, including weekend library access.
c) Maintain comprehensive, critical, and culturally representative educational excellence.
d) Stop cuts to Humanities and Social Sciences.
e) Cut funding for war. No military recruitment on our campuses.
f) Tax the rich and prioritize funding in the public interest.

4. Stop the Resegregation of Public Education. Ensure access and diversity in higher education.
a) Increase underrepresented minority student enrollment.
b) Provide full scholarships for AB540 Students.
c) No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses.
d) Expand the Blue and Gold Opportunity Program to ensure access for low-income students.
e) Allocate funds for recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority students.

5. Respect Workers’ Rights and Contracts
a) Reverse the layoffs, protect vital services, and stop pay cuts for the lowest paid workers.
b) Stop the union busting and bargain in good faith.
c) No furloughs for workers who make $40,000 or less.
d) No ICE/UCPD collaboration on our campuses



  1. I've heard that pretty much these hearings at UCLA are being held because by law, the Regents must at least pretend to listen to students while having their coffee and eating their donuts. PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN TO PROTEST - WE NEED TO HURT THESE PEOPLE FINANCIALLY.. About 55% of undergraduate students are in need of financial assistance. How do they expect us to survive when they're hiking up fees by 32%? All ucs except ucb and uc merced are using the quarter system..What if half of us refuse to enroll this winter? The fear would be dismissal..ucs can only dismiss you if your gpa is less than 2.0 for a quarter..The least ucb and uc merced can do is to refuse to buy anything on campus-food, etc.. This is the very least we can all do if we're not willing to take a chance by not enrolling this winter or spring..Let me know what you think-we need to work together THIS WILL BE THE DEATH OF HIGHER PUBLIC EDUCATION-THIS WILL BE THE END OF THE AMERICAN DREAM

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